There are two types of parenting which are Authoritarian parenting and permissive parenting.
Authoritarian parenting requires a child to be committed alot. It also demands the child to be under the parent’s control.
Permissive parenting allows the child to have control over him/her self… read more



Children needs the best from their parents whereby the parent should as well produce the best to their children. What they need to do is to be an example to them and committing themselves in providing to their children physically, mentally and spiritually.

They also need positive results always where the parent have to put more effort in providing. They should provide mentally by educating them on what they can not see or touch. This is by making sure they give them healthy advice which they can use for themselves and in future.

Once thing the parent need to know is that their children are watching everything they do.They have to make sure that they behave in a good way so that their children can see the best image in their parents. In this way they will be able to do the as their parents do in the best way.

The children have to be treated well so that they can obey and respect their parents.  Good parenting requires that we first lead with love. Parenting is hard. It requires an unending amount of patience and thought and decision making and intuition. Leading with fear, anger, resentment, etc. makes for bad parenting decisions. Lead with love. Always.

In order to make good parenting decisions, we need to be willing to look at our own triggers, shortcomings, mistakes and patterns. Refusal to do this results in diagnosing the child as the problem, when it may just be our response!

Sometimes the problem is that we are going about things the wrong way. Sometimes we make a decision or set a plan or buy into a parenting strategy that just doesn’t work. In order to make good parenting decisions, we need to be able and willing to be flexible in our approach. Our children bring a lot of inner wisdom to the table. Good parents are willing to learn just as much as they teach.




This is relating ,participating  to getting used to sports. These activities are grouped in three categories. Physical sports, mind sports and competitive model sports. Physical sports requires a person to go to a field having in mind what type of activity he/she wants to practice or participate. Mind sports is where one goes to the field mentally, only the brain is involved in participating, competing ,practicing and enjoying the activity .Here, much can be done where  one enjoys sports without traveling to the field physically, only the mind does that. In competitive model sports, two are more groups involved for the competition. There must be rules to be followed in this category for the activity to have a fair competition.

There are several types of activities which include athletics, swimming, basketball, football, dancing, rafting, paddling and canoeing. The reason why regulations are needed in these activities is to ensure that both competitive parties have a fair competition which finally determines which party wins. These activities are also categorized depending on age of the participants, for example some sports like swimming required people with good health and skills so as to avoid drowning.

The activity helps us in three ways, mentally whereby one’s mind relaxes and the mind is able to release the unwanted tiring activities running in our minds. Our bodies also benefits from these activities where one loses the unwanted waste materials in our bodies like fats. They also help us to socialize with different people from different communities. We are also able to learn more from others which expounds our knowledge.




Sometimes your piece of happiness can be a bunch of troubles where children develop stubbornness. Parenting can be seen as a simple task but some children as very stubborn in that they make the parent lack peace of mind.

some children can be so much stubborn where they cant adhere to what their parents want them to do. This is found mostly with the children above the age of 17 where they see themselves as grown ups so much enough to listen and obey their parents.

Some of these behaviors are are irritating, they include. Talk-backs where a child responds negatively to the parent about a certain issue.This makes the parent feel low and that the child has no respect at all.This issue can only be solved by having a mature and serious talk with the child so as to know what he wants.

Another behavior is stubbornness where the child totally becomes the thing that the parent does not want near him/herself.The child develops a behavior where only serious discipline should be applied on it. An example of such children stubbornness is where the child wants to do want he thinks its right and not what the parent says.

Silence is also a behavior that a child can develop where the child does not communicate at all to the parent or anyone else.This limits the parents communication too because he or she does not have an idea of what the child wants. This can be solved by observing the child and mastering the current behaviors.

The parent should be able to study their children’s behaviors so that they can know how the child wants to be treated or what they want to share to their parents.Many parents shout out things to their children making them fear a lot especially when they are are angry.

A friendship circle should be created to make sure issues are shared and solved between both of them


What Africa needs is a leader who is able to take control of economy of all the countries. The most powerful Nation- America has the best and most powerful President who will lead them to the leading country which has the leading economy too. This becomes an example to Africa where business people will have America as the safest place to invest and run businesses .Donald Trump has business thoughts and power where he will know what to come from America to Africa and vice versa. That is, what investors will invest to the state and how.This needs Trump to control it in the best way possible. Apart from that, Trump’s victory will also bring changes to Africa’s economy where they might get themselves in a very high economy. This is whereby the U.S president will do his best to make his county’s economy better, by increasing taxes of the goods from America to Africa. This will affect Africa’s economy where business people will have to spend much on exporting. The Africa’s scholars who have dreams of studying abroad have also been lowered where they had the hope of studying there and get jobs from U.S. This has kept them with fear after his victory .They believes that Trump will be so harsh to the ‘blacks’ now that the president is a ‘white’. This is bringing hopes of the Africa’s scholars down since there are no job opportunities for them in U.S. The opportunities for African’s getting jobs from U.S will also be low whereby the Presidents want the country to be the leading state by making sure the people from America get the best jobs. Since no one can start developing the neighbor’s nation, one must begin with his/hers. Donald Trump has come up with many ways of uplifting the Nation and also cleaning any mess which was before. This is by making sure education becomes the first priority to then health becomes the second. Education should make people enlightened whereby some will come to Africa and educate the Africans on how to run businesses hence making their economy be in a good status. The investors have a great and secure place to invest whereby America has no corruption unlike some countries in Africa. When people from Africa go to U.S to invest and learn or do businesses there, they will come and start other businesses in Africa using the knowledge therefore contributing to Africa’s economy. Africa’s hope is that Trump will not increase taxes which will make Africa’s business become worthless, that he will not also have negative changes on the currency whereby it will become hard for Africans to invest and do business in their mother countries or in America.


Parenting also known as child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social,financial and intellectual development of the child. All this begins before conception. A baby guide to preparing the body, mind and spirit for the parent and the future child during the earliest stages of growth. A plan and how one will go about parenting should be done and organized earlier and a wiser and the best way possible.
One should know who to start parenting with and before  all that one should know the importance of the process. Decision making between the parents is also considerable so as to know the best time for it and why it should be done.Mistakes occur mostly when one makes decisions about parenting alone without asking for opinions from others or the spouse, one can  decide to do it alone and faster due to influence or forces of circumstances.
These circumstances includes, early or unwanted pregnancy, life comfort where one has a better life and wants to have a child for company. Having a child for company is mostly  done by most of the parents because of loneliness, having a desperate life or love of children.Since parenting is giving the unborn child ,physical, emotional, and social life of the unborn, parents should make sure they behave well and be under a good diet before having the child.
What one should bare in mind before or while parenting is that another new life  will be brought to the world which will have a future and goals just like  others. By knowing this, it becomes easier for one to have a child and be under control of proper child rearing. It is also recommended for those who want to begin parenting or those who  are in child rearing process for them to get advised and learn more about this process because it requires a family to raise a child.A family is not only the parents of the child but also the people around it.These people can be, teachers neighbors or anyone else who trains the child the best ways to live… TO BE CONTINUED.


 As we all know that one can not live without peace of mind and all around in particular , i as  a journalist , i have decided to find some ways in which we can make sure that our own country have peace, harmony and security on which security as we know bares a fruit of peace. Now that we are aware of that,all we need is to know how to enhance security in the entire nation.
As we know, the government has done its part to ensure that security is all over and with no limits.My  fellow Kenyans  i want to talk peace to you and to everyone in Kenya. What we need to know is that peace,love and security will always begin from us and later make them known by everyone else in the society .The major question we should be asking ourselves is,what efforts do we have towards security?
What we have to do is make sure that we support the government in the following ways: If any of us finds someone or anything which will cause insecurity in our country, one should immediately report it for a quick action to be taken, in case someone feels insecure somewhere he/she can talk and contact security lines for help or report to the nearest security station.
The government also has a task to ensure that they employ more security officers in the stations. we as journalists we are preaching peace in the country especially at this time when the general elections are approaching. Now because we have security, let us wait for the fruit, which is peace.We really don’t want to have deaths caused by fights in our country.Do we? So what we need to do is behave and make it cool so as to enhance peace in the country as we approach the general election,during the elections and after and also God will be happy about it and everyone else. Our late leaders would actually become unhappy knowing that they fought for the nation independence and all what we do is kill each other only to bring shame and disappointment . This becomes very shameful where our neighboring countries would fell like rejecting the neighborhood relationship we have.
According to the research conducted , it was found out that racism has everything to do with all this fights causing insecurity. We should try so much to avoid racism and discrimination in the country so as to practice the best ways of enhancing peace in our society and generally in the country. By doing all this , a promise from we journalists is that we will never lack peace and love towards each other in our country.