As we all know that one can not live without peace of mind and all around in particular , i as  a journalist , i have decided to find some ways in which we can make sure that our own country have peace, harmony and security on which security as we know bares a fruit of peace. Now that we are aware of that,all we need is to know how to enhance security in the entire nation.
As we know, the government has done its part to ensure that security is all over and with no limits.My  fellow Kenyans  i want to talk peace to you and to everyone in Kenya. What we need to know is that peace,love and security will always begin from us and later make them known by everyone else in the society .The major question we should be asking ourselves is,what efforts do we have towards security?
What we have to do is make sure that we support the government in the following ways: If any of us finds someone or anything which will cause insecurity in our country, one should immediately report it for a quick action to be taken, in case someone feels insecure somewhere he/she can talk and contact security lines for help or report to the nearest security station.
The government also has a task to ensure that they employ more security officers in the stations. we as journalists we are preaching peace in the country especially at this time when the general elections are approaching. Now because we have security, let us wait for the fruit, which is peace.We really don’t want to have deaths caused by fights in our country.Do we? So what we need to do is behave and make it cool so as to enhance peace in the country as we approach the general election,during the elections and after and also God will be happy about it and everyone else. Our late leaders would actually become unhappy knowing that they fought for the nation independence and all what we do is kill each other only to bring shame and disappointment . This becomes very shameful where our neighboring countries would fell like rejecting the neighborhood relationship we have.
According to the research conducted , it was found out that racism has everything to do with all this fights causing insecurity. We should try so much to avoid racism and discrimination in the country so as to practice the best ways of enhancing peace in our society and generally in the country. By doing all this , a promise from we journalists is that we will never lack peace and love towards each other in our country.

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