Parenting also known as child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social,financial and intellectual development of the child. All this begins before conception. A baby guide to preparing the body, mind and spirit for the parent and the future child during the earliest stages of growth. A plan and how one will go about parenting should be done and organized earlier and a wiser and the best way possible.
One should know who to start parenting with and before  all that one should know the importance of the process. Decision making between the parents is also considerable so as to know the best time for it and why it should be done.Mistakes occur mostly when one makes decisions about parenting alone without asking for opinions from others or the spouse, one can  decide to do it alone and faster due to influence or forces of circumstances.
These circumstances includes, early or unwanted pregnancy, life comfort where one has a better life and wants to have a child for company. Having a child for company is mostly  done by most of the parents because of loneliness, having a desperate life or love of children.Since parenting is giving the unborn child ,physical, emotional, and social life of the unborn, parents should make sure they behave well and be under a good diet before having the child.
What one should bare in mind before or while parenting is that another new life  will be brought to the world which will have a future and goals just like  others. By knowing this, it becomes easier for one to have a child and be under control of proper child rearing. It is also recommended for those who want to begin parenting or those who  are in child rearing process for them to get advised and learn more about this process because it requires a family to raise a child.A family is not only the parents of the child but also the people around it.These people can be, teachers neighbors or anyone else who trains the child the best ways to live… TO BE CONTINUED.

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