What Africa needs is a leader who is able to take control of economy of all the countries. The most powerful Nation- America has the best and most powerful President who will lead them to the leading country which has the leading economy too. This becomes an example to Africa where business people will have America as the safest place to invest and run businesses .Donald Trump has business thoughts and power where he will know what to come from America to Africa and vice versa. That is, what investors will invest to the state and how.This needs Trump to control it in the best way possible. Apart from that, Trump’s victory will also bring changes to Africa’s economy where they might get themselves in a very high economy. This is whereby the U.S president will do his best to make his county’s economy better, by increasing taxes of the goods from America to Africa. This will affect Africa’s economy where business people will have to spend much on exporting. The Africa’s scholars who have dreams of studying abroad have also been lowered where they had the hope of studying there and get jobs from U.S. This has kept them with fear after his victory .They believes that Trump will be so harsh to the ‘blacks’ now that the president is a ‘white’. This is bringing hopes of the Africa’s scholars down since there are no job opportunities for them in U.S. The opportunities for African’s getting jobs from U.S will also be low whereby the Presidents want the country to be the leading state by making sure the people from America get the best jobs. Since no one can start developing the neighbor’s nation, one must begin with his/hers. Donald Trump has come up with many ways of uplifting the Nation and also cleaning any mess which was before. This is by making sure education becomes the first priority to then health becomes the second. Education should make people enlightened whereby some will come to Africa and educate the Africans on how to run businesses hence making their economy be in a good status. The investors have a great and secure place to invest whereby America has no corruption unlike some countries in Africa. When people from Africa go to U.S to invest and learn or do businesses there, they will come and start other businesses in Africa using the knowledge therefore contributing to Africa’s economy. Africa’s hope is that Trump will not increase taxes which will make Africa’s business become worthless, that he will not also have negative changes on the currency whereby it will become hard for Africans to invest and do business in their mother countries or in America.


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