Children needs the best from their parents whereby the parent should as well produce the best to their children. What they need to do is to be an example to them and committing themselves in providing to their children physically, mentally and spiritually.

They also need positive results always where the parent have to put more effort in providing. They should provide mentally by educating them on what they can not see or touch. This is by making sure they give them healthy advice which they can use for themselves and in future.

Once thing the parent need to know is that their children are watching everything they do.They have to make sure that they behave in a good way so that their children can see the best image in their parents. In this way they will be able to do the as their parents do in the best way.

The children have to be treated well so that they can obey and respect their parents.  Good parenting requires that we first lead with love. Parenting is hard. It requires an unending amount of patience and thought and decision making and intuition. Leading with fear, anger, resentment, etc. makes for bad parenting decisions. Lead with love. Always.

In order to make good parenting decisions, we need to be willing to look at our own triggers, shortcomings, mistakes and patterns. Refusal to do this results in diagnosing the child as the problem, when it may just be our response!

Sometimes the problem is that we are going about things the wrong way. Sometimes we make a decision or set a plan or buy into a parenting strategy that just doesn’t work. In order to make good parenting decisions, we need to be able and willing to be flexible in our approach. Our children bring a lot of inner wisdom to the table. Good parents are willing to learn just as much as they teach.



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