Sometimes your piece of happiness can be a bunch of troubles where children develop stubbornness. Parenting can be seen as a simple task but some children as very stubborn in that they make the parent lack peace of mind.

some children can be so much stubborn where they cant adhere to what their parents want them to do. This is found mostly with the children above the age of 17 where they see themselves as grown ups so much enough to listen and obey their parents.

Some of these behaviors are are irritating, they include. Talk-backs where a child responds negatively to the parent about a certain issue.This makes the parent feel low and that the child has no respect at all.This issue can only be solved by having a mature and serious talk with the child so as to know what he wants.

Another behavior is stubbornness where the child totally becomes the thing that the parent does not want near him/herself.The child develops a behavior where only serious discipline should be applied on it. An example of such children stubbornness is where the child wants to do want he thinks its right and not what the parent says.

Silence is also a behavior that a child can develop where the child does not communicate at all to the parent or anyone else.This limits the parents communication too because he or she does not have an idea of what the child wants. This can be solved by observing the child and mastering the current behaviors.

The parent should be able to study their children’s behaviors so that they can know how the child wants to be treated or what they want to share to their parents.Many parents shout out things to their children making them fear a lot especially when they are are angry.

A friendship circle should be created to make sure issues are shared and solved between both of them


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