This is relating ,participating  to getting used to sports. These activities are grouped in three categories. Physical sports, mind sports and competitive model sports. Physical sports requires a person to go to a field having in mind what type of activity he/she wants to practice or participate. Mind sports is where one goes to the field mentally, only the brain is involved in participating, competing ,practicing and enjoying the activity .Here, much can be done where  one enjoys sports without traveling to the field physically, only the mind does that. In competitive model sports, two are more groups involved for the competition. There must be rules to be followed in this category for the activity to have a fair competition.

There are several types of activities which include athletics, swimming, basketball, football, dancing, rafting, paddling and canoeing. The reason why regulations are needed in these activities is to ensure that both competitive parties have a fair competition which finally determines which party wins. These activities are also categorized depending on age of the participants, for example some sports like swimming required people with good health and skills so as to avoid drowning.

The activity helps us in three ways, mentally whereby one’s mind relaxes and the mind is able to release the unwanted tiring activities running in our minds. Our bodies also benefits from these activities where one loses the unwanted waste materials in our bodies like fats. They also help us to socialize with different people from different communities. We are also able to learn more from others which expounds our knowledge.



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